In October the missus (Leanna) and I will be launching our own game blog called ‘You were almost a Jill sandwich‘ on Tumblr. Named after one of our favourite lines in the original Resident Evil (thank you Barry!) the blog’s format will be a mashup of the news and fan boy styles you commonly find on the internet. We’ll be covering one game over the month, during which we’ll not only be reviewing the game but creating original art, music, downloadables and maybe a game if we can to help truly celebrate the game like it deserves.

Putting the blog in Tumblr allows us to also tap into other blogs on there and help to bring to light other people’s work about the game and it’s over arching franchise if there is one. We’ve been talking about doing the blog for a while now but finally getting ourselves together to make this idea a reality.

The first game we’ll be covering is Resistance 3, which we just completed today.