I’ve already covered this in many a post but I feel the value of education (proper education) is undermined by Labour basically making University like College. Because people are told that when they leave college they need to go to university it means a lot of people come out with degrees they never put the effort into. It also is made worse by the fact that the moderation for grades has also fallen into make it easier to pass.

As for the importance of education, this really relates to my work with nhssm. Most people fear social media because they hear all about the risks and worst case scenarios. If they are properly educated on how to avoid these risks and how to utilise the platforms then they wouldn’t be worried. I do find that alot of companies talk about training in a way of if anything comes into the office you need complete training. It makes me cringe because it makes people think they are high and mighty because they have a piece of paper and a hours training.

I also think that the best way to teach people is to make them do things. For instance when teaching others code it’s better for them to understand the basics and then to have a little muck around and figure it out for themselves. Most people believe theory helps alot and sure in an academic way this will but for more hands on subjects you need to experience these things, or at least talk to someone who has.