I don’t read a lot of books, I find myself starting to read a book and then half way through it I put it down and never pick it up. This blog post will be really short and will highlight just how uncultured I am. I would like to blame my generation though for my short comings. It seems strange I can spend an hour reading wikipedia articles on a range of subjects but a book I pick up because the blurb intrigues me will only be read for 30 mins and put down and forgotten about. The internet has ruined my abilty to read books.

Dracula – This book I picked up because I saw the film (see top 10 movies post) and wanted to read the book. The book is a lot more graphical than the film and theres a bit where Dracula turns into a wolf and smashes his head through a window. Really good and hasn’t aged a bit.

The hobbit – Nuff said.

How to win friends and influence people – I read this just before I went for my job interview and it helped me be more of a people person. Really need to reread it sometime and give myself a refresher course.

And these are pretty much the only books I have read all the way through. I’ve read many a ‘how to program in C’ and ‘web accessibility’ book but they don’t really count so I won’t paste them on here. I’m sorry for this pitiful post.