Ok Tv shows. Truth be told I don’t actually watch a lot of TV. Shocking I know but I don’t really see the point in just sitting watching something all night. I like to go on my computer and make things. Better use of my time and it won’t kill my brain cells. Here are my top 10 shows anyways.

Human planet -  I started watching this when I was in Iceland for my birthday with my girlfriend. Thanks to iPlayer I’ve managed to keep up with it over the weekends. Human planet looks at how we have managed to survive in the harshest of habitats and how these people’s lives are being put at risk by those of us in the developed world who are cutting down the rain forest and melting the artic.

IT crowd -  Without a doubt the best comedy series ever. This may be influenced by my geek side but this show is by far the funniest thing. It’s the only show I’ve seen that has had me in tears laughing. It’s written by the guy that wrote father Ted and most of it’s cast are from the Mighty Boosh / Garth Marenghi’s dark place teams. Richard Ayoade is quite rightly the star of the show although everyone gets their share of the lines.

Nathan Barley – DAN ASHHHHCROFT!!!!! Haven’t been through the episodes in a while but this show pretty much shaped my opinion of the industry I was looking at going into. I would in no way say I’m a self-facilitating media node and I never plan to be. Written by Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris it’s hard not to see why this wouldn’t be up there on the list of controversial shows. Who’s for a game of cock-muff-bumhole?

Blackadder – Great 80s comedy. Over 4 seasons set in Medieval, Tudor, Georgian and World War 1. Blackadder finds himself in hilarious situations with a set of characters that pretty much stay the same. Has all the 80s comedy greats in there.

The Fast Show – The Fast Show was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid. The show had such a great array of characters and they all came in and out before they overstayed their welcome. If you can only watch one series I’d recommend watching the last fast show ever. Pure comedy gold.

Spaced – Not sure how it escaped me during it’s original run but this show launched Simon Pegg and Nick Frost into the limelight and was the forerunner for great movies like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. You can totally annoy Leanna by singing ‘getting to know you’ as it reminds her of the cafe scene :P

Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place – I dropped a sofa on my cat once, was a complete write of so I had to kick it’s head in. Featuring such great characters as skipper the eye child (his dad was bum raped by a massive eye) and a shotgun carrying boss who has wanton on his back all the time, this show is hilarious. It was intentionally made bad so to keep the 80s look. Really strong cast, shame it passed everyone by though.

Shit my dad says – I’ve recently got into this. I never saw the Twitter feed before but if it’s anything like the show it’s great. William Shatner plays a really grumpy dad who doesn’t show love to his kids just to inanimate objects. The YMCA scene has to be my favourite. If you like the fourcandles Two Ronnies sketch you’ll love this show.

The inbetweeners – If you ever feel like your college experience was bollocks then you’ll feel alot better after this. I was amazed to hear that the guy who plays Simon is like 30 something. That is way too old for the person who’s playing an 18 year old.

Count Duckula -  I loved this cartoon as a kid. I managed to pick them up on DVD a few years ago. Even though they may be aged now they are still a really dark and gloomy. A great kids cartoon. BUY IT NOW!