Here’s the assorted back catalog of my old music stuff, press play on any of the embedded players. Quick links:

Colin and the Cosmonauts

Colin and the Cosmonauts was my personal output from 2005 to 2010, the songs below range from the start of that run.

Wormfood by Colin and the Cosmonauts. Wormfood was the first song I wrote, it was about suicide and how people who die just end up as wormfood and there’s no afterlife. The artwork I had made for this track was a ink rendering of the death scene of Kurt Cobain.

New God by Colin and the Cosmonauts. New God was originally a song by a grunge band called Green River (basically the precursor to Mudhoney and Pearl Jam), As with all the songs from this period the drums are terrible.

Dreamy Gloom by Colin and the Cosmonauts. The weird effect used in the song is the hold setting of a BOSS DD6 with a very short time. This makes it sound all feedback but not, the chords were inspired by 2112 by Rush.

Pass Me My Hair Tie Now by Colin and the Cosmonauts. This song was about the metallers that I used to hang out with at college (Although I love Metal, I hated metallers), they were all macho but at the same time happy with the corporate sound of their music, this song was a call for proper raw metal.

DJ Gimpneek

DJ Gimpneek was my personal dance/electronic music output from 2008 to 2010. Most of it’s just samples and the Amen Break

Selling England By The Pound by DJ Gimpneek. This song samples James Brown, Minutemen, The Kinks, Portishead, Genesis and some others I can’t remember. I do like the cutting around James Brown’s voice.

Lord Of The Rings by DJ Gimpneek.This was made from a audio book of Lord of the Rings, a MIDI of the river / Gollum theme from the Lord of the Rings movies and the Amen Break.

Granny Smith

My friend Jason and I recorded some songs one night back in 2006 when I got a phaser pedal. These songs were recorded within a hour

Rodeohead by Granny Smith. This was a jam by me and Jason, nothing special here really.

Phazer Phorts (Yes my son) by Granny Smith. This was a cover of Jason’s song ‘Posey Thoughts’ but with another guitar overlay, at the end we play Machine Messiah by Yes (well I do). You can see from this that I was a very annoying friend :P . The can reference is about the first version of Posey Thoughts which had a can opening in it.

First Granny Smith Song by Granny Smith. Yet another jam here.

The Corkboard Manifesto

My friend Taro and I had this band going for a few months. We played one gig and I don’t think the crowd quite got us, as you can see in the video below.

Zombies In My Basement (Acoustic) by The Corkboard Manifesto. An acoustic version by me of the only song I’ve written that wasn’t half bad, the singing is terrible. The lyrics were inspired by Night of the Living Dead (I’m a massive Zombie fan) and are about the family who’s daughter is dying and becomes a Zombie.

Purposely Unicoded Numeretic Kinetics by The Corkboard Manifesto. This song probably contains a whole 45 seconds of song and the rest is just break downs. It was our way of saying ‘Fuck you’ to conventional song structure.

Twing twang by The Corkboard Manifesto. This song received some actual positive feedback from the crowd at the gig we played. It’s a ska influenced song but it was fun to do, the changes between styles make it interesting.

Zombies In My Basement by The Corkboard Manifesto. This is an instrumental version of Zombies in my Basement, you get to hear the songs dynamics really kick in here. It’s a shame we never recorded this song properly as it was a pretty good song.

The Corkboard Manifesto videos

Here’s the two videos from the Corkboard Manifesto era.

This is me and Taro playing Zombies in my Basement in Taro’s Basement (ironically), all recorded as it was without any changes. This meant it kept the rawness of the sound. Note Taro’s JerkBeast poster, that film pretty much defined our sound.

The only gig we played, around half way through I tell someone to Fuck off (yes I’m that punk) and the crowd goes ‘OOOOOOOOoooo’ which is funny, this was at the end of our drum and bass improv and goes into our Purposely Unicoded Numeretic Kinetics song.