This week I’ve received two great packages from eBay, Firstly a BOSS NS-50 noise gate (which by the way CityLink my full title is Colin Wren, Supreme Overlord of Tooting. The eBayer put my full title, why can’t you?) and a BOSS MT-2 metal distortion pedal. After a while of using software simulations of amps and pedals I realised that they will never replace the sound of circuits and tubes so I decided to invest in a couple of pedals to put in my chain.

I hooked my PSEye up to my Linux box and to position it put the lead through my amps top handle and supported it with a Wiimote (sorry Kallum), I wasn’t able to utilise all 4 mics but I think if I was able that would be epic. BTW those using Audacity to record using a PSEye you need to set it to USB (sounds obvious but just a tip).

The NS-50 I got for a steal, only £42 including packaging, for a ‘pro’ noise gate I think this is pretty damn awesome. Of course I’m sure there’s someone out there that will disagree with this. I normally have an issue with software noise gates as I feel they take too much sustain out of the guitar but I’m not having any of these issues even with the decay turned all the way down. My only worry is that as it’s a half rack that it’s a bit bulky but it doesn’t seem that bad.

The MT-2 I got about £45, which compared to retail is dirt cheap. Comparing this to the DS-1 I’ve been using for ages I noticed a distinct difference. The MT-2 is awesome! The amount of chuggage I get it ridiculous and playing any metal suddenly sounds like there was a whole chunk of the sound missing when using the DS-1. I’ve got an audio clip below of my mucking about with it all. You’ll notice the tasty stuff is the MT-2.

Here’s a panorama of the set up, you can see that it’s quite a small set up but it does it’s job. Putting both the DS-1 and the MT-2 on makes a really interesting noise, there’s the odd envelope thing that going on.

Here’s my ‘jam’ also:

Testing my PSEye setup by #include <music .h>
For some reason this player’s not loading properly, reload the page and it will appear.

And some pics of my setup:
Awesome Mic Setup
My setup
Not the best you’ve probably seen but it’s not bad for an amateur like myself.