TwChatOrg will help you enjoy Twitter chats asynchronously

Do you participate in Twitter chats? Are you tired of having to wait for the chat organisers to put up transcripts or having to create your own? TwChatOrg will help you organise and stay up to date with yours chats and help you discover new content.

What’s a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a discussion based around a topic that uses a hashtag so that people can follow and contribute to it, often the chats are held weekly, fortnightly or monthly with a different topic each time. Because Twitter is a constant stream of information if you miss a chat it is often very hard to catch up with the discussion, especially if the hashtag is a widely used one.

How does TwChatOrg help?

TwChatOrg allows you to set the time for chats you wish to follow and keeps track on the discussion for you. It automatically creates a transcript for you after the chat finishes that you can read at a later date, whether you have a connection or not. TwChatOrg also brings in web content based around the community allowing you to discover new articles that may not have been picked up in the chat.

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When with TwChatOrg be available?

TwChatOrg is currently being built and will be ready for testing at the end of April. If you would like to be part of the testing team please send a tweet to @colinwren and I’ll add you to the list of testers. When the app is ready for testing you’ll receive an email with details on how to test the app as well as submit feedback.